Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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Mr John Williams, by his will dated June 24th 1839, proved at the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on February 25th 1846, gave 150 to the vicar, churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor of Saint Andrew's Church, Plymouth, to provided food and clothing to the poor of the parish at Christmas time each year.

The legacy was represented by Consols to the value of 162 15s 7d.

On May 20th 1864 the Charity Commissioners made an Order directing that the John Williams' Gift be amalgamated with others to form a Scheme that could be distributed to the new parishes of Christ Church, Holy Trinity, Saint Peter's and Saint James the Less.  Under this Scheme the annual sum of 25 6s 8d was shared between those parishes, Saint Andrew's getting 11 8s; Saint Peter's, 6 19s 4d; Christ Church and Holy Trinity, 2 10s each; and Saint James the Less receiving only 1 18s.

These Gifts should not be confused with the gifts of money made in 1868 by another Mr John Williams.