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Widey Technical Secondary School, was located off Widey Lane, Plymouth.

The School began in 1911 simply as technical classes for boys aged 13 years and held in any spare rooms that could be commandeered in the Plymouth Technical College, Tavistock Road.  In 1914 it officially became known as the Junior Technical School and it continued as such in a number of locations until after the Second World War.

Following the Education Act 1944, it was decided that they should be granted their own purpose-built premises in the grounds of Widey Court in the ancient parish of Eggbuckland.   Work started on the site at the end of 1957.  With an anticipated cost of 130,000 plus a further 12,000 for furniture and fittings, the new school would accommodate 340 pupils.

One building, steel framed, would contain the assembly hall.  The roof was 17 feet high and it would also serve as a gymnasium, a lecture hall and the dining room.  The southern wall of this building was mainly of glass with infilled coloured panels.  Adjoining the hall was a three-storey reinforced concrete teaching block, containing six classrooms, a drawing office, geography room, library, arts and crafts room and two science laboratories.  This block was 172 feet long and 35 feet high.

Leading off the teaching block were three workshops, for woodwork, building and metalwork/engineering.  Outside were level playground and games fields.

The new buildings were designed by Messrs Fouracre and Luxton, of Plymouth, (which probably explains the use of glass in the main hall), in association with the City Architect, Mr H J W Stirling.  The contractors were Messrs Aubrey Long Limited, of Torpoint, Cornwall.  The school was opened in September 1959.

Widey School later gained a new swimming pool and an Observatory, the latter of which brought a visit from Sir Patrick Moore and ultimately the formation of the Plymouth Astronomical Society..

Mr K J Salter replaced Mr Harris as Head Master in 1964.

In 1972, by order of the Local Examination Board, the School dropped the word "technical" and changed its name to Widey High School.