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Plymouth's first evening newspaper, the "Western Evening Herald", was launched by the proprietors of "The Western Daily Mercury" at 2pm on Saturday April 20th 1895.  The owner, Mr Owen, invited Mr R A J Walling (1869-1949) to be its first editor and the paper cost a half-penny a copy.

The banner of the Western Evening Herald newspaper in the 1960s.

It was renamed "The Evening Herald and Western Evening News" on Monday September 17th 1923 but was again changed on Saturday May 24th 1924 to the "Western Evening Herald and Western Evening News".

On September 9th 1899 the "Western Evening Herald" spawned a Saturday's only "Football Herald" during the season.  This newspaper ceased publication during both World Wars, re-appearing after the Second War with issue volume XXXIV number 1,843 on Saturday August 31st 1946.  It cost 1d.  The "Football Herald" finally came to an end with issue number 2,158 on Saturday December 18th 1954, by which time it was noteworthy for being printed on green paper.  As far as the author can remember it was not available from newsagents shops as they were closed at the time of night it was published but was carried around the streets by agents shouting "Football Herald".  From Saturday January 1st 1955 it became the "Football Final" Edition of the main paper.

Unfortunately the newspaper market in Devon was a bit overcrowded by 1920 and all papers ran into financial difficulties.  In that year, Sir Leicester Harmsworth acquired the Western Morning News Company Limited and on January 31st 1921 it was joined by the "Western Evening Herald" and "The Western Daily Mercury".

The "Western Evening Herald" went tabloid on Saturdays only in 1987 and became simply the "Evening Herald".

In October 2006 the name was changed to "The Herald" when its print deadline time was moved forward from around 11am to 1am and it ceased to be an evening paper. 

It was announced on February 19th 2010 that the printing presses at the newspaper's Derriford office would be closing down and the work transferred elsewhere.  It would result in 95 staff losing their jobs.  As from Monday March 1st 2010 The Herald will be printed in Weymouth, Dorset.  "The Western Morning News" will continue to be produced in Plymouth until Monday April 12th 2010, after which it will be printed in Didcot, Oxfordshire.