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Although officially known as the Union Congregational Chapel, it was located in Courtenay Street, Plymouth, and was more commonly known as the Courtenay Street Congregational Chapel, under which title will be found more information.

The foundation stone of the Union Chapel was laid by Mr David Derry on the afternoon of Friday June 25th 1847.  The site was said to be the one upon which, or very close to which, the Reverend George Whitefield had preached the gospel.  The Reverend T C Hine presided.  A glass bottle was placed beneath the stone but it contained only a document explaining the history of the foundation of the Chapel as all the silver and gold they had was required for the construction of the building.

Opened on Thursday September 14th 1848, it lasted until the Plymouth Blitz of March 1941.  The War Damage Compensation paid for a new hall at Laira Congregational Chapel.