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By the Education Act 1902 the management of Treville Street Board School was transferred from the Plymouth School Board to the new Plymouth Local Education Authority, which was actually the Education Committee of Plymouth Borough Council.  The transfer took place on Wednesday April 1st 1903.  Treville Street Elementary School had accommodation for 275 boys and 278 infants.

In 1914 Mr William Ernest Goldsworthy was the master of the boys' school and Miss E Rosbrook the mistress of the infants' school.  The average attendance at that time was 214 boys and 230 infants.

The Education Act 1918 raised the school-leaving age to the fourteenth birthday.

In 1937, when the School took senior boys only, Mr E C Cornish was the head master.

The Education Act 1944 raised the school leaving age to the fifteenth birthday as from Tuesday April 1st 1947 and created Primary schools for the 5 to 11 years olds and Secondary Modern, Grammar and Technical Schools.