Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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On Saturday May 20th 1848, the following announcement appeared on the front pages of the "Plymouth Times" and the "Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse Herald":

'ALTERATION OF TIME : BOROUGH OF PLYMOUTH: THE COUNCIL of the BOROUGH of PLYMOUTH, considering the Advantage of a Uniform Computation of Time, and following the example of other large Towns possessing communication by Railway, have resolved to adopt LONDON TIME as kept by all Railway Stations in regulating the arrival and departure of Trains.  Notice is therefore hereby given that from and after Twelve O'Clock at Noon, on MONDAY, the twenty-second day of May instant, London Time, being 16 minutes earlier than Plymouth Time, is appointed to be kept for all purposes within the Borough of Plymouth.  JAMES MOORE, Mayor.   Guildhall, Plymouth, May 17th, 1848.'

A further but smaller change took place on January 1st 1860 when Plymouth was forced by Admiralty decree to adopt Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).   Whereas the change to London Time had been seen as an advantage to the Borough, the imposition of GMT was viewed in a different light and at the Council meeting preceding the change, hopes were expressed that local businesses would refuse to co-operate!