Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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The Theatre Elite Picture Playhouse at 11A Ebrington Street, Plymouth, was due to open at 2pm on Saturday May 7th 1910 although a private performance had been held on the previous evening.  Unfortunately the death of HRH King Edward VII on May 6th meant that all cinemas closed on the Saturday so as a result it opened on Monday May 9th 1910.

This 'handsome little building' accommodated just over 300 people. The first film was "The Man", which ran continuously until 11pm.  Prices from 2 until 5pm were 6d and 3d; after 5pm all seats were 3d.  There was a string orchestra and free tea for the ladies.

It was one of the few cinemas in Plymouth to have the same licensee from start to finish, Mr Alfred Ernest Bryant.  However, the cinema was managed by Mr Charles Halderson Rundle.   The last licence was issued on June 13th 1923.

Although many properties on the south side of Ebrington Street were destroyed during the Second World War, this one survived to become Damerell's fishing tackle shop.