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Sutton Secondary School for Boys was formed from the amalgamation of Keppel Place School, Stoke, and Regent Street Intermediate School, Plymouth. 

Keppel Place School had started in 1821 as Stoke Public School but been renamed in 1909.

Regent Street Intermediate School had been formed in 1873 as Mount Street Girls' School which, in 1887, joined with the boys' section to form Mount Street Higher Grade School.  It was this School that moved into its own new building in Regent Street in 1897, where it became Regent Street Higher Grade School.  The lower school was in the basement, the higher on the top floor and the girls' section was sandwiched in between. 

The new Sutton Secondary School opened on September 13th 1926, with Mr Alexander L Strachan, formerly of Keppel Place School, as headmaster and nine teachers each from the two original schools.  It was the first free secondary school in Plymouth. 

Although it was claimed by the Doctor Jones that the school badge was based on the emblem of Saint Wilfred, he was not a patron saint of fishermen.  The emblem of Saint Andrew, which is actually the Saint Andrew's Cross standing upright instead of oblong as on the flag, was the inspiration.  He was the patron saint of fishermen and was also the dedication of Plymouth and Stoke Damerel's main churches, thus linking the two towns from which the original schools came.  When two St Andrew's crosses are joined they look like a fishing net.  Mr R H Parker, principal of the Plymouth Art School helped to choose and adapt the badge.

The four "houses" were named after the constructors of the lighthouses on the Eddystone Reef - Winstanley, Rudyerd, Smeaton and Douglass.  The first issue of "The Suttonian" was published in April 1927 and the first Speech Day was held in the Guildhall on Friday November 25th 1927, when Viscount Astor presented the prizes.

In 1935 Doctor Charles F Jones, MM, BA, took over as headmaster and set about raising the standards.  As a result, the Plymouth Education Committee resolved on November 25th 1937 to change the title of the School to Sutton High School for Boys.