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The Seven O'Clock Regulars Swimming Club was formed in 1911.

At the Club's Twenty-First Annual General Meeting on Monday May 23rd 1932, it was reported that there were 129 members and both the president, Mr William C Spear, and the honorary secretary, Mr P Smerdon, had been in office continuously since the Club's formation.

The officers elected at that meeting were:

President - Mr W C Spear
Vice-Presidents - Messrs E Frost, C T Gerry, W Brand,
S J Harris, H A Hockaday, R Hawkins, W H Allen, W H Stumbles, J Elliott, W Foster and E S Dobell
Captain - Mr W G Collins
Vice-Captain - Mr V Hoyten
Hon. Treasurer - Mr W Lyddon
Hon. Auditor - Mr C Condy Uren
Devon County Amateur Swimming Association - Mr P W Davis
Hon. General Secretary - Mr P Smerdon
Hon. Social Secretary - Mr H W Godfrey
Assistant Hon. Secretary - Mr Tucker
Committee - H Phillips, R M Endle, P Wood, H P Twyford,
E Phillips, J Mann, R J Barrett, F Martin, W Tubbs,
Captain S Moon and Doctor C Mayne.

Mr Percy Davis was appointed chairman of the Devon County Amateur Swimming Association that year.

Prizes awarded that year were:

The Frost Perpetual Trophy for team racing - Doctor C Mayne, Mr A C Lyddon, Mr W J Lyddon, and Mr F Tucker;

Elliot Diving Cup - Mr J Smith.

Certificates for the Drake's Island swim were presented to Messrs F Martin, T Bird, G Hallum and Doctor C Mayne.