Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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The Salvation Army is well known but Plymouth also had a Salvation Navy Fleet, which was presented with colours by the founder of the Salvation Army, General William Booth, during a visit to Plymouth on Saturday February 6th 1886.  The presentation was carried out while the vessels were moored in Plymouth Sound.

It comprised the following fishing trawlers from Plymouth and Brixham, whose Captains were all serving members of the Salvation Army.  When they were at sea with the fishing fleet they used to hold services for the fishermen and acted as sea-going Bethel missions.

"Majestic", Captain Mundy;

"Ellen", Captain Harris;

"True Love", Captain Bray;

"Onward", Captain Taylor;

"Prince of Wales", Captain Campion;

"Ebenezer", Captain Board;

"Una", Captain Lovell;

"Come", Captain Gregory;

"Mayflower", Captain Hall;

"Sea Belle", Captain Shears;

and "Prosperous", Captain Wouchs.