Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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At some unknown time before the passing of the Municipal Corporations Act in 1835, Plymouth Corporation were already in receipt of the interest on a sum of 20 given by somebody called Reed.  The interest amounted to 16 shillings per annum.  Nothing is known now about the origin of the Gift but there may be a clue to its date of origin in that it was not mentioned by the Charity Commissioners in their 1820 Report in the Charities in Plymouth.

By an Order of the Charity Commissioners dated July 13th 1894, the Reed Gift along with several others were amalgamated into a Scheme whereby the real estate was vested in the Official Trustee of Charitable Lands and a body of eleven trustees, four of them elected by the Town Council, were made responsible for the management of the charities.

The Charity Commissioners made a further Order on October 20th 1905 by which the Reed Gift was given the name of the Reed Educational Foundation.  The Foundation was thereafter used to support the Hospital of the Orphans' Aid.