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Founded in 1885, The Plymouth Sanitary Steam Laundry Limited and Steam Carpet Beating Works was situated in Elim Terrace, off Hyde Park Road, Compton Gifford, Plymouth.

Line up of delivery vans at the Plymouth Sanitary Steam Laundry.
From a postcard.

Note that Weston Park Road was not been made up
 to join Peverell Park Road at this time.
From Ordnance Survey sheet CXXIII.4 dated 1914.

It advertised 'Family Washing, a specialité, under thorough Sanitary Conditions and practical Supervision in all Departments' as well as 'Carpets Carefully Beaten and Cleaned'.  Even 'experienced workmen' were available to relay them, if desired.  Laundry was collected by vans from and delivered to all parts of the Three Towns.

The Laundry was managed for forty years by Mr Fleetwood Joseph Rowell (1859-1940), who moved to Paignton in 1928 to open the Torbay Garden Laundry with his son.  He died there on Saturday May 25th 1940.

In due course it became the Hyde Park Laundry and then eventually the Millbay and Hyde Park Laundry, part of the Millbay Laundry, Cleaning and Dyeing Company Limited..