Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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In modern terminology the children's railway at West Hoe Park would not be known as as 'miniature railway' but that was how it was described when it was opened.

As a result of a favourable response from the City's Entertainments Manager, Plymouth City Council gave their authority for the railway to be constructed on March 13th 1957.  It was to be operated by a Mr T J Shepheard between August 1st and September 4th 1957, for which Mr Shepheard would pay the Council 10 per week.

A public announcement was not made until March 23rd 1957, when it was stated that three engines would be operated, each capable of holding six children, and that the children could drive them themselves.

In fact the railway was in operation on July 30th and 31st 1957 but it is not known if these were only trial rides and therefore for free.

It wax sufficiently popular for the Council to extend the operating season the following year to start on June 30th.  From then until July 28th the rent was 7 10s 0d per week and thereafter for the remainder of the summer season it was 10 per week.

The West Hoe Miniature Railway is still giving pleasure to young children.