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The People's Popular Picture Palace was located in an old building on the corner of Lower Street and Harbour Avenue, close to Sutton Pool.  Mr William Caston was given permission on September 19th 1910 to turn the building into an electric theatre and the licence was granted, following an inspection of the building, on December 21st 1910.  Mr F A Wiblin was the architect.

Although there is no documentary evidence, it is most likely that it was open for Christmas.   It was originally known just as the Picture Palace but so were all the others so after a short while it became the People's Popular Picture Palace.

Mr Caston employed an "orator" here, too, but it seems he was given to getting a bit "tipsy".

On December 17th 1919 the licence passed to his widow, Hannah, who was named as the proprietor.   The last licence was issued on June 15th 1926 but it is thought to have closed down soon afterwards.