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Mr John Peck, by his will dated December 20th 1866, proved at Exeter on May 21st 1869, gave the sums of 300 to the South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital, Plymouth, and 200 to the Plymouth Public Dispensary.

He also directed that 'if at the time of his death he should be possessed of any personal estate not thereinbefore specifically bequeathed, which the law permitted to be appropriated by will for charitable purposes, then two-thirds thereof should be applied by his trustees in the increase of the several charitable bequests thereinbefore contained in the same proportions as the said several legacies bore to each other'.  He also directed that if the annual income from the investment of the money given to the Hospital should amount to 20, then a condition of the Gift was to be that they designate a John Peck Ward.

In respect of the amount given to the Dispensary, they gained a further 55 9s 4d from the distribution of the residuary estate and with the addition of a further 21 11s 11d from their own general fund, they invested in Consols to the value of 300.  The actual amount attributable to Peck's Gift was 276 12s 4d.

His widow, Mrs Amelia Kezia Peck, added a further 400 to her late husband's Gift to the South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital by her will dated August 1st 1879, which was proved at Exeter on December 20th 1879.  The whole was henceforth to be known as the John Peck Fund.  The bequests to the Hospital were invested in Consols valued at 823 7s 7d.