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This is a representation of a map of the Ridgeway, Plympton, according to
entries in Kelly's Post Office Directory of Plymouth and District for 1955..
Properties were not necessarily opposite each other except on corners with other streets.



Ancient Parish Church of Saint Mary the Blessed Virgin      
Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Phillips DSO, Mount Priory     Milk Marketing Board, Harewood House
    1 Samuel Cosh, builder
E W Burt, radio engineer      
S B Madge, fruiterer  
Here was Station Road
Scoble and Wills, grocers     Plymouth Inn, Ronald Gargett
Here was Dark Street Lane
  Underwood and Company (Plymouth) Limited, grocers
Plymouth Co-operative Society Limited     Williamson and Son, electrical engineers
William E Parker, confectioner     George Frost, florist
J R and D Hodges, jewellers     Lloyd's Bank Limited, M F Bickford, manager
Mrs K Barnard, fancy goods dealer     Post Office Inn, F G Jelley
Ridgeway Garage, Frederick Jeffery, motor engineer   7 Mrs Hookway
Mrs M E Jackson, butcher     George D Kirkness Limited, chemists
      G Q Mann, watchmaker
Rex Richards, hairdresser     Preston Toms, fishmonger
      Eric William R Stevens, antique dealer
      Milbay Laundry, Cleaning and Dyeing Company Limited
      Devon County Library, G Hamilton Edwards, regional librarian
      Parish and Trickett, newsagents
      Reginald Warren, upholsterer
      Cecil John Willcocks, confectioner
      Edward J Hicks, registrar of births, deaths and marriages, Plympton sub-district
      Ancient Order of Foresters, Court 4087, E J Hicks, secretary
      Joseph Brooks, ladies' hairdressers, Plympton Villa
      C Deeble, electrical engineer
      Bar-Lock Typewriter Company, depot
      Arthur William May
      Trafalgar Dairies Limited
      Plymouth Co-operative Society Limited, boot dealers
      Plympton Conservative Club, C S Bingham, secretary
      Owen, Ball and Thompson, physicians and surgeons, surgery, Ridgeway House
    33 Eastman's Limited, butchers
Court House
Devon County Constabulary, H Division, George H Sewel, superintendent
  34 Plymouth and South Devon Trustee Savings Bank, D Millar,, actuary;
also M and S Rimmer, drapers
      Leslie Rattenbury, Killarney
      Barclay's Bank Limited, L McLaren, branch manager
      Frederick Boston, 1 Cheltenham Place
      Samuel Murch, 2 Cheltenham Place
      Uglow's Bakeries Limited, bakers and confectioners
      National Provincial Bank Limited, F G Downing
Here was Moorland Road
Plympton General Post Office, L F Norman, postmaster     International Tea Company's Stores Limited
      South Devon Place
    1 George Triscot
    2 Frederick George Qintrell
    3 George Leslie Phillips
    4 Reginald Gorman
    5 NL
    6 Blue Bird Café, Mrs R H Almy
    7 NL
    8 Archie Foale, decorator
I G Diffey Limited, garage, cars for hire   9 I G Diffey, cars for hire
    10 Eric C Parsons
      Fore Street
      Masonic Lodge
      Keith Edward C Budge FSAA, incorporated accountant, Avon House
      Bawden and Finchett, chartered accountants
plus John Pearse and Sons FAI, auctioneers, Hill House
      Belmont House of Rest for Aged People, Mr H and Mrs K Furlong, proprieters
      Belmont Villas
    1 NL
    2 Russell Dalton
      Regent Villas
    1 Miss G Jones
    2 Ernest Copestick
      Mrs M W Coath
      George Hotel, J H Ellis
Here was George Lane

Here was George Lane
      Elm Terrace
    1 Thomas Leonard Brice
    2 Mrs E S H Cook
    3 Alfred Wenmouth
    4 Eric Ernest A Ottaway
    5 Samuel Wright
      Herbert James Ruse, Michaelstowe
      Matthew Wickett, Aucuba
      Fernley Wallis, Oakley
      George Moreton, Stroma
      Miss E Scoble, Chester Lodge
      Owen Cole, Little Cotham
      Percy A Friend, Llwyn On
      Ivor Leonard Cann Dewdney, The Knapp
      Walter Tamlyn, Roadstead
      Horace S Mutton, Stafferne
      Maurice Norman Ewers, Jescyma
      Miss M Harris, Lee Ridge
      George H C Wallis, Trevillis
      Norman Baker. Fairholm
      John Russell Bradford. Turrett Willows
      Cyril Matthews, Highlands
      William G Mason, Kloof Nek
      Reginald Hurd, The Briars
      Steuart Noy Scott MRCS England LRCP London, physician, Mirador



NL = Addresses not listed.  These were usually let on short-term tenancies and therefore not listed in street directories.

NL*n1 =

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It is intended as a representation only.