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Mount Gould Methodist Chapel is located in Mount Gould Road adjacent to Farringdon Road.

Mount Gould Methodist Chapel, Plymouth.

Its origins go back to 1873 when a Mr Henry Hocking and his family moved from Rilla Mill in Cornwall to Mount Gould Farm.   Being Cornish, he was a staunch Methodist and his farm soon became a favourite destination for Sunday School excursions.  With a growing population as Mount Gould and St Jude's began to be developed for housing, there was soon a need for a place of worship for the Methodists.  Having failed to find a room to rent, Mr Hocking obliged by offering the use of his barn.  The first service was held there on Sunday May 1st 1904.

Plans were then prepared by Mr H J Snell for a temporary, or "introductory" chapel, a school and five class-rooms.  This could be enlarged into a permanent chapel when the funds permitted.  Mr A N Coles was selected by tender to construct the building.  For an outlay of about 6,000 it was expected to have accommodation for nearly 500 worshippers.

No fewer than seventeen memorial stones were laid on the afternoon of Monday April 4th 1904.  The first were laid by those who had contributed between ten and twenty guineas to the funds: Mrs Coles; Mrs Cook; Mrs P Gentle; Miss Lillian Lile for Mrs J H Lile; Mrs Priest; Mrs Stenlake; Mrs W G Wakeham; Mr W H G Deacon RNR; Mr I Foot; Mr H D O Hocking; Mr C H Tozer; Mr J Wakeham; the Reverend J S Hicks for the trustees of the Ebenezer circuit; the Reverend F W Beaumont for the chapel at Ivybridge; Mr S Waldron for the chapel at Ridgway; Mr W Lavers for the chapel at Lee Moor; and Mr F Phillips for the members of the Ebenezer Wesley Guild.  A number of bricks were then laid in place by young people who had subscribed a guinea towards the building fund.

The first part of the permanent Chapel was opened on Sunday November 27th 1904 but there were insufficient funds to complete the building.

Then at the beginning of 1935, local builder Mr W T Jinkin made the congregation a gift of 2,700 towards the construction of an institute that would serve both the church and the community.  At the age of 88 years, he laid the foundation stone on Wednesday May 1st 1935.


Photograph courtesy - "Wesleyan Methodist Church: Conference Handbook and Souvenir: Plymouth 1913", printed by Messrs William Brendon & Son Ltd, Plymouth, 1913, courtesy of the Reverend John Haley of Ridgeway Methodist Church, Plympton, and and Mr Chris Crouch, the Property & Facilities Officer at the Circuit Office, Devonport.