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By his will dated September 5th 1828, which was proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on February 18th 1829, Mr John Morris gave to the vicar and churchwardens of Charles' Church the sum of 100 to be invested and the dividends used to support the Household of Faith School founded by the Reverend Doctor Robert Hawker.  It was to be used to cloth and educated ten children 'agreeably to the then existing system thereof' but provision was made that in the event of the school failing financially or from any other cause that prevented it from clothing and educating children, then the money should be used by the vicar and churchwardens to provide bread and coal for the poor of the parish.

The money was used to purchase 90 13s 6d worth of New 3 per Cents.  This fund was transferred to the Official Trustees of Charitable Funds by Orders of the Court of Chancery dated June 25th 1858 and the Charity Commissioners dated November 5th 1858.  Confusingly, later in the 1908 Report the same source gives the amount as 90 13s 7d and the date of the Order transferring the funds to the Official Trustees as November 29th 1859.

Whichever is correct, the Gift was combined with others by an Order of the Charity Commissioners dated August 5th 1864 and distributed between the mother parish of Charles and the new parishes of Sutton-on-Plym, Saint Jude's and Saint Luke's.

In 1907 amounted to 2 5s 4d per year and this sum was apportioned between the new parishes: viz. Charles, 18s 10d; Sutton-on-Plym, 11s 4d; Saint Jude's, 7s 7d; and Saint Luke's, 7s 7d.  At that time the money was used to provide bread to the poor in equal portions distributed on January 1st, January 7th and December 24th each year.