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It was in March 1866 that the proposal to open an infants' school 'in an outlying and populous district of Saint Andrew's parish' was first mooted.  It was to act as a feeder to the main Saint Andrew's National School.

On May 18th 1866 a Miss Elizabeth Hill, of Saint Peter's Terrace, Brixham, Devon, was appointed as the mistress for twelve months, commencing at Midsummer.  Her salary was to be 40 per annum and she was subject to three months' notice of termination if the managers so wished.  In due course she was informed that the School would be opening on Monday July 23rd 1866.

It was a small School and was located at number 5 Edgcumbe Place, West Hoe Road, Millbay, Plymouth.  In the 1871 census the property was occupied by eight families and it is not known if the School took over the entire house or, more liekly, just one or two rooms.  It seems to have acquired the name of the Millbay National School.

In April 1872 the Plymouth School Board acquired this School in order to fulfil its need to provide educational accommodation in the Millbay district.  It became the Edgcumbe Place Board School for Girls.