Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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Mr William Martin, by his will dated October 2nd 1759, gave his house in Buckwell Street, Plymouth, to another Mr William Martin but it is not clear if they were related.

By an unattested codicil to his will, dated July 15th 1761, he gave ten 3d loaves of bread every week to be distributed every Saturday by the proprietor of the house, at his own expense, to ten poor families of the Town, 'not under pay'.

This the second Mr William Martin continued to do for many years but sometime prior to 1820 he was advised that he was under no legal obligation 'as the instrument purporting to create the Charity was invalid' and he then ceased the distribution.

The property had been sold by 1907 and it was understood that the new proprietor was not liable to any charge in respect of the gift.