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The Lower Street Temperance Society held one of their weekly meetings at the Lower Street Baptist Mission Hall in Harbour Avenue on the evening of Friday November 11th 1898.  The Hall was crowded to hear a programme of solos, recitals and violin and pianoforte selections rendered by Mrs Rundle, Miss L Johns, Miss E Jane, Miss E Spry, Miss A Fox, Miss A Olver, Miss G Curtis, and Miss E Earland, accompanied by Mr Aubrey Adams and Miss A Johns RAM.

During the meeting Mr Bennett, the secretary of the Young Men's Christian Association, gave an 'earnest address' calling upon the temperance workers to 'educate, agitate, and legislate until those now standing aloof from the work stood shoulder to shoulder with them and fought for those reforms which England still required for the benefit of the people'.

Messrs Doidge and Puckey proposed and seconded a vote of thanks to which the secretary of the Society, Mr Edwin J Hodge, responded.