Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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Mrs Phoebe Levi by her will dated April 10th 1876, proved in the Principal Registry on December 15th 1880, gave to the treasurer of the Plymouth Synagogue the sum of 100, of which the interest earned were to be spent in annual offerings in memory of her late husband and herself.  These were to be made on the anniversaries of their respective deaths, when Kaddish, or a memorial prayer, was to be said for them.

Under an Order of the Charity Commissioners dated August 3rd 1886, the sum of 90, being the amount of the legacy less duty, was paid to the Official Trustee of Charitable Funds and invested in New 3 Per Cents to the value of 88 11s 2d.  This was later changed to Consols.

A dividend of 2 4s per year was paid to the treasurer of the Plymouth Synagogue and services were held as directed, when sums of 12 or 15 shillings were distributed to the poor.