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The Plymouth business house of Messrs Leggo-Wilson Limited, laundry, was based at the rear of Desborough Road, Saint Jude's, Plymouth, before the Second World War.  It had shops, or 'receiving offices' as they were known, at 1 Bulmer Road, Saint Jude's; 51 Cobourg Street; 86 Embankment Road; 58 Regent Street; 62 Salisbury Road; 35 Treville Street and 27 Station Road, Keyham Barton.  After the War it's only receiving office was at 58/59 Regent Street but the laundry remained at the rear of Desborough Road.

Miss Alice Mary Elizabeth Rundle was born in Plymouth in 1883 to Mr and Mrs James H Rundle, a stoker in the Royal Navy, of 6 Bath Street.

She married Mr James Henry Leggo at Saint Jude's Church, Plymouth, on November 17th 1909.

With her husband, Mr James Henry Leggo, they founded Messrs Leggo-Wilson Limited in 1906, changing the name from Messrs Wilson and Company.  However, no evidence has yet been found of a business, let alone a laundry, operating in Plymouth under that name.

The premises at 58/59 Regent Street were formerly occupied by Messrs G Widger, Sons and Company, house decorators.

Her husband died at the age of 36 on January 31st 1911, following a long illness, but she and other members of the family continued the business.  In 1964 it employed about 200 people.

Mrs Alice Mary Elizabeth Leggo (formerly Rundle) died at Ellensleigh, Elburton Road, Plymstock, on Friday June 5th 1964, at the age of 81.  The business was to be carried on by members of the Rundle family.

The laundry, which at the end undertook contract laundry and supplied linen to local hotels from its works in Desborough Road, Saint Jude's, closed on Friday June 26th 1981 due to the economic recession.  The managing director was Mr Peter Oliver.  There were forty staff employed at the close, of which thirty were women.