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The Laira Passage Ferry ran from Laira, Plymouth, across the Laira to Pomphlett, in the old parish of Plymstock.

This ferry replaced an older and ancient service between Oreston and Cattedown operated by the Earl of Morley.

In 1807 an engineer by the name of Alexander was invited to survey the river with the intention of erecting a bridge.  However, he found that the river bed was not suitable for foundations and the idea was dropped.   Instead, his Lordship provided a new end-loading ferry boat hauled across the river by winches and a chain.  It enabled wagons, carts and carriages to be carried with their horses attached as well as cattle for the Plymouth Market.  Although it became very popular it was unreliable during bad weather and spring tides.

This service ran for some 20 years until it was replaced by the original Laira Bridge.