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The Plymouth business house of Messrs Hurrell and Company, grain merchants, were situated in the Plymouth Great Western Docks.

It was founded by Mr Henry Elliott Hurrell at the end of 1865 after he had pulled out of partnerships with Mr Joseph Crossing (father of Mr William Crossing), with whom he had run the Old Town Mill in Drake's Place, Plymouth, and Mr Crossing and Mr John Henry Philp,  who, as Messrs J H Philp and Company, had operated a sail cloth manufactory at South Brent, Devon.

Messrs Hurrell and Crossing had taken over the running of the Old Town Mill at Midsummer 1852 but unfortunately the Mill had burned down on Tuesday February 16th 1859, after which they opened a mill at Lambhay, overlooking the Barbican.

Mr Hurrell senior was joined in 1870 by his son, Mr Henry Hurrell (1852-1939).  Eight years later Mr Hurrell junior became a full partner.  In 1879 Mr Hurrell senior passed away and Mr Hurrell junior became the sole proprietor.

He in turn was joined by his son, Mr Henry George Hurrell (1901-1981), who ran the business for around twenty years until circa 1937/38, when he sold out to Messrs Spillers Milling Group.

Mr Henry Hurrell died at Peverell Park Villa, Peverell, Plymouth, on Tuesday July 5th 1939 and Mr Henry George Hurrell passed away at Moorgate, Wrangaton, on Saturday May 23rd 1981.