Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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Howe Street Baptist Chapel was situated in How Street, Plymouth.  The road is now called How Street and the Chapel no longer exists.

The small Baptist Congregation in Plymouth were amongst those Christians who in 1620 entertained the Pilgrim Fathers while they waited in Plymouth to sail to what was to become America.  The Congregation met in the homes of its members.

A gentleman by the name of Abraham Cheare was baptized into the Church in 1648 and was chosen by 150 of the congregation to be their pastor.  He purchased some land in the Pig Market (later part of Bedford Street) and in 1651 erected a house which was used as their Chapel for many decades.  In 1668 he was persecuted and imprisoned on Drake's Island for his faith, where he died at the early age of 42 years.

By 1751 the Chapel in the Pig Market had become so dilapidated that it was rebuilt and re-opened for worship again on June 30th of that year.  The congregation soon outgrew its premises and in 1789 they moved to rented accommodation in what was then called How Street.  The premises were later purchased outright.

But the congregation continued to grow and in 1843 the need for larger premises was imperative.  A plot of land was purchased in George Street and work started on building the George Street Baptist Chapel.