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Until the passing of the Municipal Reform Act of 1835 a Freeman of the Borough of Plymouth was a privileged person who performed important functions in the Local Government of the Town. 

Only a Freeman could trade within the Borough without the payment of tolls and dues and only a Freeman could vote for the Councillors, Aldermen, Mayor and Members of Parliament.   The first man to be elected as a Freeman was Mr William Kethriche, the Town's first Mayor in 1439.

Nobody could be elected as a Freeman if they were not born in the Town.  According to an Order of the Corporation made in 1474/75, the person was also required to be a member of the Borough Guild of Our Lady and Saint George.  (This is why Plymouth has a Guild Hall and not a Town Hall.)  The eldest son of an existing Freeman or somebody who had served a seven year apprenticeship with a Freeman could be elected to join the ranks.  Subject to the earlier conditions, it was possible to purchase a Freedom but it was also possible for the Corporation to award honorary Freedoms as well.

There follows a list transcribed from "An Alphabetical List of Freemen of the Borough of Plymouth", published in August 1817, a copy of which is held in the Plymouth Local Studies Library.  The names are given in the order of the original document but they are not in alphabetical order, as claimed in the title.  The details of Profession and Address are as stated in the book, including the spelling.  Unlike in the original, the names have been listed with the Christian names first so as facilitate searching on the Internet.

As if to indicate that Plymouth-Dock belonged to Plymouth, it will be noted that this list contains the names of several people who worked at the Plymouth Yard, as the Royal Dockyard was then known.

Richard Anthony Ironmonger
Old Town Street, Plymouth
John Arthur Norley House, Plymouth
Addis Archer, Esquire Leigham, near Plymouth
Richard Arthur Captain, Royal Navy
Gascoyne Place, Plymouth
Richard Boger Admiral
Frankfort Place, Plymouth
Thomas Bass Purser, Royal Navy
James Barton Purser, Royal Navy
Hampton Buildings, Plymouth
Robert Bayly Barrister
Bernard Street, Brunswick Square, London; and
9 King's Bench Walks, Temple, London.
George Bayly Merchant
Brunswick Terrace, Plymouth
John Bray Brazier
Joseph Burdwood Foreman, Joiner's Shop, Plymouth Yard;
Clowance Street, Plymouth Dock
Thomas Batho Whitesmith
Stokes's Lane, Plymouth
Rowley Bulteel Admiral
Charles Boyles Hewer's Row, Plymouth
Peter Birdwood Mercer
Market Street, Plymouth
Reverend Christopher Birdwood Clerk
Portland Square, Plymouth
Reverend W Ilbert Birdwood Clerk
Slapton, near Kingsbridge
Thomas Bewes, Esquire Friery (sic), Plymouth
John Baskerville Clerk in Customs
Custom House, Plymouth
Thomas Briggs Clerk, Commissioner's Office, Plymouth Yard;
Chapel Street, Plymouth Dock
John Bingham Sailmaker
David Bingham Cooper, Victualling Office
Hampton Buildings, Plymouth
George Bellamy Doctor of Medicine
George Street, Plymouth
William Bridgman Merchant's Clerk
Cat Street, Plymouth
John Bittle Attorney's Clerk
Old Town Street, Plymouth
Henry Butteris Searcher, Customs
Friery Street (sic), Plymouth
Sir Benjamin Bloomfield Carlton House, London
John Boswarva Clerk to Mr Collier
Richard Bunce Major, Royal Marines
John Baker Plymouth
James Brooks Solicitor
Foxhole Street, Plymouth
John Barrett, junior Auctioneer's Clerk
40 James Street, Plymouth Dock
HRH the Duke of Clarence London
Earl Chatham  
Sir John Colpoys GCB Admiral
Jacob Chaille Merchant
India House. London
George Churchwood Cooper
George Kimber Cromwell Carpenter, Royal Navy
Caius Caine Tide Waiter, Customs
Fownes's Lane, Plymouth
John Clements Admiral
George Cooban Surgeon
Tavistock Street, Plymouth
Thomas Cleather Solicitor
Colmer's Lane, Plymouth
Samuel Champion Purser, Royal Navy
John Cleverton Merchant
Frankfort Place, Plymouth
John Kemp Chandler Schoolmaster
Plymstock near Plymouth
John Crispin Whitesmith
Stokes's Lane, Plymouth
John Cole Cooper, Victualling Office
Lammy Hill, Plymouth
William John Clark, Esquire Buckland House, near Kingsbridge
George Collins Taylor (sic)
Tavistock Street, Plymouth
William Henry Clatworthy Clerk to Mr Soltau
William Dart Plumber, Royal Naval Hospital
Bartholomew Dunsterville Mill Street, Plymouth
Reverend John Dunsterville Clerk
East Indies
Daniel Dawson Sail-maker
Lammy Hill, Plymouth
Sir J T Duckworth GCB Admiral
Wear near Exeter
John Derby Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Viscount Exmouth Admiral
James Elliot Barley House, Plymouth
James Elliot, junior  
George Eastlake Solicitor
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
William Eastlake Solicitor
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
George Eastlake, junior Solicitor
Westwell Street, Plymouth
Sir William Elford Bickham near Plymouth
Jonathan Elford, Esquire Upland near Plymouth
Thomas Eveleigh Spirit Merchant
Pike Street, Plymouth
Richard Elliot Victualler
East Street, Old Town, Plymouth
Peter Ellery Purser, Royal Navy
The Honourable and Right Reverend George, Lord Bishop of Exeter Exeter
Robert Fanshawe Stonehall, Stonehouse
James Fox Grocer
Tavistock Street, Plymouth
James Fox, junior Spirit Merchant
Portland Square, Plymouth
Richard Freeman Landing Waiter, Customs
Ladywell Place, Plymouth
Samuel Foster Schoolmaster
Orchard Place, Plymouth
Robert Fuge Merchant
Whitecross Street, Plymouth
Robert Fuge, junior Merchant
Samuel Fuge Surgeon
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
John Hele Fuge Surgeon
George Street, Plymouth
Benjamin Fuge Frankfort Street, Plymouth
Sir Digory Forrest Purser, Royal Navy
Near Exeter
Samuel Featherstone Captain, Royal Navy
Horrabridge, near Tavistock
Richard Fillis Wine Merchant
Regent Place, Plymouth
James Field Now in France
Ralph Gore Colonel
Barrewmont, Gore's Bridge, Ireland
John Gandy Solicitor
Viscount Hood  
Lord Hill  
John Harrison Schoolmaster
St Aubyn Street, Dock
Stephen Hammick Dispenser
Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth
S L Hammick, junior Surgeon
Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth
Charles Hayne Colonel, North Devon Militia
Fuge, Dartmouth
John Harris, Esquire Radford, near Plymouth
John Harris, junior Banker
Radford, near Plymouth
William Henry Harcombe Barbican, Plymouth
John Hele Ironmonger
Market Place, Plymouth
John Hawker Merchant
Ham Street, Plymouth
Nehemiah Augustas Hunt Captain, Royal Marines
Ridgeway, near Plymouth
George Hunt Solicitor
George Street, Plymouth
Reverend Warwick Y C Hunt Clerk
Bickleigh, near Plymouth
B R Haydon Artist
41 Great Marlborough Street, London
Richard Heans Superannuated Ropemaker, Plymouth Yard;
7 King's Street, Dock
Henry Hawkins Dissenting Minister
Devizes, Wiltshire
William Hargood Admiral
George Herbert Frankfort Street, Plymouth
John Holliday Taylor (sic)
Reverend Richard Hennah Clergyman
Citadel, Plymouth
William Harris Schoolmaster
Near the Old Church Twelves, Plymouth
Richard Julian Estover House, Buckland, near Plymouth
Thomas Fort Jenking  
John Julian Landing Waiter, Customs
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
William Jacobson Solicitor
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
Reverend John Collier Jones Clerk
Edward Jago Solicitor
Viscount Keith GCB Admiral
Upper Harley-street, London
Edward Kingdom Solicitor
Lord Lynedock  
John Ley Cooper, Victualling Office
Whitecross Street, Plymouth
Nicholas Lampen Shipwright, Dock Yard
5 Gloucester Street, Dock
Edmund Lockyer George Street, Plymouth
Thomas Lockyer Wembury House, near Plymouth
William Lockyer  
Nicholas Lockyer Captain, Royal Navy
William Langmead Elford Leigh, near Plymouth
John Wrigley Lewes  
John Luscombe Broker
Briton Side, Plymouth
John Lillicrap Superannuated Clerk, Victualling Office;
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
James Lillicrap Captain, Royal Navy
Sir M M Lopes, Bart Maristowe, near Plymouth
Reverend Samuel Lane Clerk
Berry, near Totnes
John Luscombe Luscombe Gascoyne Street, Plymouth
Charles Christopher Lockyer Solicitor
11 Harcourt Buildings, Temple, London
Earl Morley Saltram, near Plymouth
Viscount Melville Admiralty, London
James Macdonald Baker
Millbrook, near Plymouth
Phillip Moysey Ship Broker
Foxhole Street, Plymouth
Richard May Warder, Plymouth Yard
John Morgan Baker
18 King Street, Dock
Thomas Miller Agent Victualler
Victualling Office, Plymouth
Sir T B Martin KCB Admiral
Somerset House, London
William Moore Purser, Royal Navy
Emma Place, Stonehouse
Henry McKeever Sailmaker
Southside Street, Plymouth
Jonas Morgan Woodovis, Tavistock
James Cleve Madge Clerk in Distillery
Scammel's Row, Plymouth
H Alworth Mereweather Barrister
51 Chancery Lane. London
John Mark Tinman
Stonehouse Lane, Plymouth
Allan Macdonald  
William Needham Lieutenant, Royal Navy
Tamerton, near Plymouth
George Noel Merchant
Durnford Street, Stonehouse
William Northmore Sailmaker
John Neel Cooper
George Northmore Sailmaker
John Northmore, junior Little Moon's Lane, Plymouth
Edward Oliver Osborne Admiral
Hewer's Row, Plymouth
HRH the Prince Regent Carlton House, London
Montagu Edmund Parker Whiteway, near Chudleigh
John Pollard Superannuated Clerk, Victualling Office
Norley's Lane, Plymouth
Sir C M Pole KCB Admiral
Joseph Rowse Pitts Master Carpenter, Plymouth Yard
Chapel Street, Dock
Charles Potbury Customs
Scammel's Row, Plymouth
John Pridham Broker
George Street, Plymouth
Joseph Pridham Solicitor
Frankfort Place, Plymouth
John Drake Pridham Banker, Naval Bank
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
Richard Pridham Captain, Royal Navy
William Pridham Brewer
Francis Philp Sailmaker
Stonehouse Lane
William Pick Sailmaker
Thomas Page Clerk, Customs
Mill Bay
John Spurrel Pode Slade, Cornwood, near Plymouth
Samuel Pym CB Captain, Royal Navy
Looseleigh, near Plymouth
Thomas Pollard Sailmaker
Jubilee Street, Plymouth
William Pridham Schoolmaster
Lower Street, Plymouth
William Rowe  
William Ragland Surveyor Pavements
French Lane, Plymouth
R B Remmett Doctor of Medicine
Westwell Street, Plymouth
Robert Remmett Solicitor
Custom House, London
Robert Rodd Whitesmith
Richard Rosdew Beechwood, near Plymouth
John Robins Silk-dyer
Duck's Lane, Plymouth
Sir John Lemon Rogers Blatchford, near Ivybridge
Thomas Richardson Surgeon
Pike Street, Plymouth
Henry Rivers, junior Ivybridge, near Plymouth
George Repath Cooper, Victualling Office
Earl St Vincent  
George Slee  
James Smith Whitesmith
Tin Street, Plymouth
Peter Symons Merchant
Christopher Savery Solicitor
South Elford, near Modbury
John Smith Sailmaker
Southside Street, Plymouth
William Tillie Smith Jerquer Customs
Norley's Lane, Plymouth
Thomas Squire Friery (sic) Court, Plymouth
Thomas George Shortland Captain, Royal Navy
Lipson, near Plymouth
William Hales Symons Chaddlewood, near Plymouth
Thomas Steele Confectioner
Chapel Street, Stonehouse
John Skinner Tidewaiter, Customs
Southside Street, Plymouth
John Slight Clerk of Cheque, Victualling Office
Sir M Seymour, Bart, KCB Captain, Royal Navy
William Stephens, junior Schoolmaster
Holy Cross Lane, Plymouth
William Isaac Scott Captain, Royal Navy
Lostwithiel, Cornwall
William Swan Surgeon, Montgomeryshire Militia
Welch Poole (sic), North Wales
The Right Reverend John, Lord Bishop of Salisbury  
Sir J R Strachan GCB Admiral
Sir W Sydney Smith KCB Admiral
Edward Smith  
John Saunders Clerk to Mr Bayly
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
Richard Jago Squire Solicitor
George Street, Plymouth
Viscount Torrignton Admiral
Henry Tolcher Collector, Customs
Finewell Street, Plymouth
John Tolcher Solicitor
Parade, Plymouth
Peter Tonkin Solicitor
Old Penny Lane, Plymouth
John Tonkin Emma Place, Stonehouse
Warwick Hele Tonkin Barrister
Northernhay, Exeter
Warwick Hele Tonkin, junior Northernhay, Exeter
Erasmus Joy Thorn Tidewaiter, Customs
Clowance Street, Dock
William Taylor Warden, Plymouth Yard
At the Dock Yard Gate
H Lyne Templer, Esquire Teignmouth, Devon
Thomas Towton Plymouth
Samuel Triscott Foreman Coopers, Victualling Office;
Nut Street, Plymouth
Aaron Tozer Merchant
Totnes, Devon
William Tucker Grocer
Market Street, Dock
John Treleaven Attorney's Clerk
George Steet, Plymouth
Sir T Tyrwhitt, Knight House of Lords, London
John Tingcombe Banker
George Steet, Plymouth
Joseph Tucker Commissioner, Navy Board
Navy Office, London
John Viel Collector, Excise
Duke of Wellington  
Samuel White Gasking Street, Plymouth
John Warden Armourer, Gunwharf
James White Scammel's Row, Plymouth
John Edward White Carpenter, Plymouth Yard
Andrew Williams Cooper, Victualling Office
Nut Street, Plymouth
John Winne Captain, Royal Navy
Thomas Woollcombe Frankfort Place, Plymouth
Henry Woollcombe Solicitor
Frankfort Street, Plymouth
Thomas Wyer Grocer
Giles Welsford Wine Merchant
French Lane, Plymouth
Henry Wills Merchant
Joseph Whiteford Solicitor
George Street, Plymouth
Henry Wills  
William Wills Whitesmith
St Andrew's Street, Plymouth
William Wilberforce London
Joseph Whidbey Plymouth
HRH the Duke of York  
Sir George Yonge  
Sir J S Yorke KCB Admiral
Admiralty, London
The Right Honourable C P Yorke  

The Municipal Corporations Act 1835 removed the privileges held by Freemen and the process passed in to history until 1885 when the Honorary Freedom of the Boroughs Act permitted Boroughs to confer that title on 'persons of distinction and any persons who have rendered eminent services to the Borough'.

List of Honorary Freemen of the City of Plymouth since 1914 .....