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The Egg Buckland and Laira Green School Board (sic) was formed on Saturday December 13th 1890.  Eight candidates contested the five seats.  There were two polling stations, at Eggbuckland and at Laira.  Very few votes were cast between 12 Noon and 5pm as the majority of electors were engaged in their daily labour but from there on the ratepayers flocked to the booths in large numbers.  The poll was closed promptly at 8pm and the ballot box from Eggbuckland was conveyed to Laira, where the count started at 9pm.

Shortly after 10pm the result of the election was declared as follows:  the Reverend C E Turner (Churchman), 301 votes; Mr W Heathcote (unsectarian), 269 votes; Mr H O Serpell (unsectarian), 212 votes; Mr T R A Briggs (Churchman), 135 votes; Mr T Peatheyjohns (unsectarian), 125 votes.  These five constituted the new School Board.

The unsuccessful candidates were Mr J Treliving, (independent), 114 votes; Mr J Perriton (unsectarian), 107 votes; and Mr A Gloyn (unsectarian), 101 votes.  There were three spoilt papers.

In 1893 Mr William L Munday of Mulgrave Street, Plymouth, was clerk to the board and Mr James V Symons, of 2 Saltram Villas, Plympton, was the attendance officer.

The first part of the Eggbuckland and Laira Green Board School, which was a single storey, was erected by Mr J Williams, of East Stonehouse.  His tender was for 2,112.  The School was officially opened on July 11th 1892.  It was to accommodate 90 boys, 90 girls and 108 infants. 

The Eggbuckland and Laira Green School Board was absorbed into the Plymouth School Board on November 9th 1896 consequent upon the extension of the Borough boundary to include the southern portion of the parish of Eggbuckland and the extra-parochial Laira Green.