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The Devon and Cornwall Ear and Throat Hospital was founded in July 1886.  During the first year of its existence it treated 361 cases, some of an exceptional nature, mainly of diseases of the ear.  The Hospital was situated at number 83 Union Street, Plymouth, between Martin Street and the Borough boundary at Phoenix Street.  There were insufficient funds to provide beds for the patients but it was hoped that as the Hospital became more widely known such funds might become available.

The consulting physician was Doctor C A Hingston and the consulting surgeon, Mr C Bulteel FRCS.  The surgeons in 1890 were Mr G Jackson LRCP and Mr C E Bean LRCP.  The dentist was Mr A F Balkwill LDS.  Mr T H Harvey was the honorary secretary and Mr W Adams the honorary treasurer.

Although committee meetings were held quarterly, the first annual general meeting was held on Thursday September 15th 1887.

In January 1888 the Hospital was at number 84 Union Street, Plymouth, probably due to renumbering rather than relocation, and Sir Massey Lopes, Bart, had accepted the invitation to become the its first President.

Treatment was not free and the patients had to contribute something towards the expense. 

In 1913 the managing trust acquired the lease of Woodland House, which they purchased outright in 1921.

The Devon and Cornwall Eye and Throat Hospital was closed on Friday March 21st 1930 and absorbed by the South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital.  At that time it was stated that the Hospital had dealt with 1,027 patients in 1910.  Last year, 1929, it dealt with 1,720.  Mr H W Woollcombe, who was acting as temporary honorary secretary, stated that the managing Trust would continue in existence to hold and manage the property and investments that would continue to be vested in them.

At the time of closure, the senior honorary surgeon was Doctor C R Crowther, and the junior one, Doctor Cyril Seymour Coode Prance (1895-1979).  Doctor A B Soltau was the honorary physician.  The honorary treasurer handed over 336 to the South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital.