Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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A proposal to provide Plymouth with a springboard track and a covered stadium for cycle racing was made in July 1932.   "The Cycledrome" was to be situated close to the main road at Hartley, but as it was never built the precise location is not clear.

Plans were prepared by local architects Messrs Barron and Rookes and the racing track was to be sufficiently wide to enable two tennis courts and a boxing ring to be provided on the inside.  Seating accommodation was to be provided for 5,000 spectators.  The overall length would be 400 feet by 200 feet and the height at the centre of the stadium would be about 80 feet.

The stands would be constructed of steel framing, with span roofs, and particular care was taken to ensure that there were as small a number of upright pillars as possible so as not to obstruct the view of the spectators.  Flood lighting was to be installed to enable night-time racing to take place.

It was proposed to have it open by Christmas 1932.

There were already facilities for other types of racing at Pennycross, Higher Saint Budeaux and the Beacon Castle Greyhound, Whippet and Sports Ground at Lipson.