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It was the Bolitho family, tin smelters and merchants in Penryn, Cornwall, who founded the banking business of Messrs Bolitho, Sons and Company in 1734 at Penzance as a branch of their Penryn enterprise.

Under the guidance of Mr T S Bolitho gained various partners between 1889 and 1896 which eventually resulted in Messrs Bolitho, Williams, Foster, Coode, Grylls and Company Limited, otherwise known as the Consolidated Bank of Cornwall.

The partnership in July 1901 consisted of: Mr Thomas Bedford Bolitho (chairman); Mr Thomas Robins Bolitho; Mr Richard Foster Bolitho; Mr William Edward Thomas Bolitho; Mr Arthur Coode; Mr Lewis Charles Foster; Mr Henry Durett Foster; Mr William Michell Grylls; Mr Arthur Pate Nix; Mr Michael Henry Williams; Mr Percival Dacres Williams; and Mr Arthur Champion Phillips Willyams.

Mr Henry Roach was secretary and Mr E F Voelcker was the general manager.  Mr Edward Rich Foster was the Acting Inspector of Branches.

The subscribed capital at that time amounted to 1,500,000, of which 300,000 was paid up.  There was a reserve fund of 362,500.

In 1905 the Consolidated Bank of Cornwall was absorbed into Barclay's Bank, who thus acquired premises at 19 Princess Square, Plymouth, where Mr Robert Samson Torrie was the manager in 1897.

Even as late as 1963 there were members of the Bolitho family, namely Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Edward Bolitho and his son, Major S E Bolitho, on the local Board of Directors of Barclay's Bank.