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Sir Gordon Bremer, a local resident, and the Reverend Septimus Courtney, vicar of Charles' Church, Plymouth, were instrumental in the erection of the Compton Chapel, within the tithing of Compton Gifford.  It was opened in 1830 and was also used as a School, supported by voluntary subscriptions.  Within ten years it had seventeen pupils.

A new building was erected in 1840 and a playground added in 1887.  The School was further enlarged in 1888 and the continuing increase in population brought about a further extension in 1897, by when it was accepting juniors and infants.

Among the pupils attending this School in June 1901 were fifteen from the Lower Compton Scattered Home and five more from the Wimborne Terrace and Gifford Terrace Homes, all because Mount Street School in Plymouth was overcrowded.  Compton School attempted to get either Plymouth Corporation or the Plymouth School Board to make a donation of two guineas (2 2s) towards the cost of their education but even though the request had the support of the Council's Scattered Homes Committee, the proposal was defeated.

By the Education Act 1902 the management of Compton National School was transferred from the Church of England to the new Plymouth Local Education Authority, which was actually the Education Committee of Plymouth Borough Council.