Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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On the western side of Mutley Plain, Plymouth, almost on the corner with Ford Park Road, was the Cinedrome.  This 300-seater theatre was owned by the wife of its licensee, Mr William James Linsdell.  Its first licence was issued on December 17th 1913 but it apparently did not open until sometime in January 1914.  It was certainly open by Friday February 6th 1914 when it advertised a special programme in aid of the A7 submarine disaster fund.

It became popularly known as the Mutley Cinedrome, although it was not named as such in a licence until June 1917.

Its colour scheme was described as white, cream and crimson and its screen measured 18ft across.  The generating plant, with an output of 80 amps, was fixed in the basement.

Mr William James Linsdell held the licences for the Cinedrome in Ebrington Street and the Cinedrome, Mutley. On December 21st 1921 the licence of the last-named was transferred to Mr John Mumford and he promptly changed the name to the Argyle Cinema.