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Chubb's Hotel was situated at the corner of Old Town Street and East Street in pre-War Plymouth.  It is the building with the green awning over the entrance, on the left of this picture.

Chubb's Hotel is the grey building on the left of this picture of Old Town Street, Plymouth

Formerly known as the Commercial Hotel, the Inn Keeper in 1851 was Mr Francis Henry Chubb.  Baptised in Lamerton Parish Church, Devon, on June 27th 1819, he married an inn keeper's daughter, Miss Ann Northway, at Tavistock Parish Church on March 4th 1844. 

He acquired the Commercial Hotel in Old Town Street, Plymouth.  At the time of the census in 1851 he was residing there with his 3-years-old son John Chubb.

The staff were named as Miss Louisa Garby, bar maid, aged 30 years, from Cornwall; Miss Georgina Stevens, chamber maid, 32, from Devonport; Miss Mary A Seccombe, waitress, 25,from Devon; Mrs Mary Glenn, widow, cook, 40,from Penryn, Cornwall; Miss Emma Redcliff, house servant, 17,from Beer, Devon; Miss Mary Scoffern, house servant,20, from Stowford, Devon; Miss Mary Offer, house servant, 17, from Bedfordshire; Miss Mary Harris, nursery maid,16,from Devon; Mr John White, boots, 45,from Tavistock; and Mr Edward Mugglewhite, boots, 17, from Saint James, Middlesex.

Guests staying at the Hotel that night were Mr Sampson Stephens, 41,a wine merchant from Saint Agnes, Cornwall; Mr Thomas Chubb, widower, 70, a commercial traveller tailor, from Taunton, Somerset; Mr John Way, gentleman, 28, from Hartland, Devon; Mr John Adams, clergyman, 30, from Cornwall; Mr Robert Bruce, traveller in blacking, 34, from Pontypool, Monmouthshire; Mr  James Haylor, silver cutler, 34, from Sheffield, Yorkshire; and Mr Ebenezer  Hall, silver plater, 30, also from Sheffield.  

Mr Chubb had the Hotel rebuilt in an Anglo-Italian style designed by Mr O C Arthur.  The contractors, Messrs Call and Pethick, started in July1857 and the Hotel was reopened at Midsummer 1858.

When the census wastakenin1861 only Miss Louisa Garby, the bar maid, now 40-years-old,was still living at the Hotel, presumably because Mr and Mrs Chubb's family had grown and needed the accommodation previously used by the staff.  Their children were: Harry Chubb, 16; John Northway Chubb, 13; Samuel Chubb, 10; Frank Chubb, 9; and Annie Jane Chubb, 6, all scholars.

Mr Francis Henry Chubb died at the Hotel, after a short illness, on August 20th 1863.  His body was placed in a vault at the Saint Andrew's Church burial ground on Tuesday August 26th 1863.  The coffin was carried by the Mayor of Plymouth, Mr David Derry; Mr W Chubb, of Anderton, Cornwall; Mr F Hicks; Mr Dabb; Mr Pollard; Mr Randall; Mr Body; Mr Herren and Mr Wills.  The service was conducted by the Reverend E Tracey and the organist was Mr Jeffery.  The funeral was attended by about 200 people including Town Councillors, merchants and tradesmen of the Borough.

Mrs Ann Chubb died on Saturday March 31st 1888 and was also buried at Saint Andrew's Church.

By 1890 the Hotel was under the ownership of Mrs Ellen Stanberry/Stanbury.