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According to a Return made to Parliament in 1786, Captain Ackerman's Gift originated in 1712.

The Report of the Charity Commission dated 1821 indicates that the sum of 2 10s was then being received by the churchwardens of Saint Andrew's Church and this was distributed in bread to 90 poor widows on St Stephen's Day.

On May 20th 1864 an Order made by the Charity Commissioners apportioned the amount gathered from the Ackerman Gift and several other Gifts and Charities amongst the old parish of Saint Andrew's and the new parishes of Christ Church, Holy Trinity, Saint Peter's, and Saint James the Less, that had been created from the original parish.

By means of an Order of the Charity Commissioners dated October 20th 1905, this Gift was amalgamated with several others and run as one scheme.

In 1907 the sum of 2 10s was being received by the trustees of the Almshouse and Pension Charity.