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GEORGE JAGO (1806-1894)

Mr George Jago was born in Liskeard on January 15th 1806.  His father was a builder and carpenter.

At the age of 15 he had a great aptitude for teaching and assisted his own schoolmaster in instructing the younger boys.

George married Miss Esther Batten in 1835.  She was the daughter of a farmer from Trevartha, near Liskeard.

In 1842 he moved to Plymouth and became the master of the Plymouth Public Free Schools.  The income from fees was low at that time, for there were only 200 pupils attending regularly.  He increased this figure to something around 1,000 by the time he retired in around 1885.   It was reckoned he had seen 17,000 children through his School.

Mr George Jago, former headmaster of the Plymouth Public Free School

Mr George Jago.

He and his wife had three children, two daughters and a son, Charles, who after working with his father for many years eventually took over the running of the School.

Mr George Jago died at the age of 89 years and was buried in Plymouth Cemetery on June 4th 1894.  His son Charles married Miss E M Lane on July 20th 1875.  Charles died on January 24th 1915 at the age of 72 years and his wife on March 11th 1921.