Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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Sir John Gayer, son of a Plymouth merchant, Mr John Gayer senior, and Lord Mayor of London for 1646, gifted to Plymouth Corporation an estate known as Tor, or Oaten Arish, in the hamlet of Weston Peverel, in the parish of Saint Andrew's.

Genoni Brothers

Edward Stanley Gibbons (1840-1913).

Herbert M Gibson was Mayor of Plymouth for 1852-1853.

Thomas Gill (1788-1861) was Mayor of Plymouth for 1835-1836.

Nicholas Ginnys was Mayor of Plymouth for 1703-1704.

William Henry Charles Glanville (1914-1990) was Lord Mayor of Plymouth for 1986-1987.

James William Sleigh Godding (1864-1951) was Mayor of Plymouth for 1912-1913.

Arthur Goldberg (1908-1982) was Lord Mayor of Plymouth for 1961-1962.

John Philip Goldsmith (1847-1919) was Mayor of Plymouth for 1916-1917.

Charles Goodanew (1814-1903).

Charles Arthur Goodbody (1859-1938).

Walter Cecil Goodbody (1864-1950 joined with his older brother, Mr Charles Arthur Goodbody (1859-1938),  in 1893 to form Messrs C A and W Goodbody Limited, bakers and confectioners.

Richard Gortley was Mayor of Plymouth for 1741-1742 but died in service and was replaced by Sir J Rogers.

Mr Rowland Percy Green (1886-1946) was the theatre manager of the New Palace Theatre of Varieties throughout the Second World War. He and his wife, Mrs Ethel Green, and son, Rowland Patrick Green, lived in the theatre manager's flat off Phoenix Street.  Many thousands of Service men and women were grateful to him for the Sunday evening concerts during the winter months of the War.  He retired in March 1946 after suffering a long illness.  Mr Rowland Percy Green died at the Prince of Wales's Hospital on Sunday June 2nd 1946 and after a service at the Anglican Church of Saint Catharine of Alexandria he was buried at Efford Cemetery on Thursday June 6th 1946.

John Greenway was Mayor of Plymouth for 1883-1884.

Herbert Augustine Keate Gribble (1846-1894).

John Griffin was the Post Master at the Hastings Terrace Branch Post Office in 1878.