Brian Moseley, Plymouth
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Frederick Alfred Dann (1898-1974) was the City of Plymouth's last gas lamp lighter.

Greenhill Darracott replaced William Strong as the Mayor of Plymouth for 1735-1736.

Thomas Darracott was the Mayor of Plymouth for 1704-1705.

Leading Aircraftman Cecil Gwyilym Davies, of 30 Gilbert Road, Llanelly, Glamorganshire, who was stationed at RAF Mount Batten, was one of the crew of the Blackburn Iris Flying Boat S238 that crashed in Plymouth Sound on Wednesday February 4th 1931.

William Davies was the Mayor of Plymouth for 1701-1702.

William Deane, by his will dated May 8th 1780, proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury on May 18th 1782, bequeathed 900 in Reduced Annuities to Mr Philip Gibbs in trust 'for the support of such persons by whom the doctrine of free grace, to wit, free and unconditional justification by the blood and righteousness of Christ alone through faith only, effectual calling, perseverance of the saints, and personal election should be preached and maintained, to be laid out for such uses and purposes as the said Philip Gibbs should think fit'.  SEE Deane's Charity.

Edward Deeble was the Mayor of Plymouth for 1718-1719, 1727-1728 and 1739-1740.

Thomas B Derricott was the Mayor of Plymouth for 1779-1780.

David Derry (1794-1867) was Mayor of Plymouth for 1850-1851.

William Derry (1817-1903), who donated Derry's Clock, was Mayor of Plymouth for 1861-1862, 1862-1863 and 1879-1880.

Dennis Howard Dicker was Lord Mayor of Plymouth for 1989-1990.

George Spriggins Dilley, later changed to Dilleigh (1855-1921) was the founder of Messrs G S Dilleigh and Company Limited, Plymouth.

Edward Dingle (1840-1928).

John Sweet Doidge (1793-1884) founded the business of Messrs Doidge and Company.

Thomas Sweet Doidge (1833-1888), son of John Sweet Doidge (1793-1884), of Messrs Doidge and Company, Plymouth, founded the Doidge's Western Counties Illustrated Annual.

John Drake was the Mayor of Plymouth for 1752-1753 but died in service and was replaced by Michael Nicholls.

Gordon Andrew Draper (1923-2009) was Lord Mayor of Plymouth for 1988-1989.

George Drury (1893-1963).

Richard Dunning by his will dated May 5th 1788, proved in London on September 12th 1795, gave 100 to the Reverend Doctor Robert Hawker and his executors, the interest from which was to be put towards the clothing of several poor children who were attending, or who might attend, the Sunday School  that the Reverend Hawker had instituted in the parish of Charles, Plymouth.  This was the Household of Faith School.

Lovell Rusden Dunstan (1905-1985) was Mayor of Plymouth for 1919-1920.

Barth Dunsterville was the Mayor of Plymouth for 1798-1799.

George Pearse Dymond (1864-1939) was Mayor of Plymouth for 1931-1932.