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William Burnell, the son of Mr Emmanuel Burnel (sic) and his wife Grace, was baptised at the Ancient Parish Church of Plympton Saint Maurice on June 17th 1757.

He married Miss Agnes Lavers, of Plympton, at the Ancient Parish Church of Plympton Saint Mary on April 6th 1780.

They had two sons, William Burnell, born 1789, and John Burnell, born 1793, and four daughters.

Mr Burnell senior was a retail and wholesale grocer and was joined in his business by his two sons.  It was later claimed that the business had been commenced in 1797.  The partnership had several names: in 1812 is was just Mr Burnell senior as a grocer at Briton Side (sic) and a confectioner at Market Place; in 1814 it was Burnell and Sons (2), grocers and importers of Irish prish provisions, still at Britonside (sic) and as a confectioner at Market Place; in 1823 it was Burnell and Son (1), grocers, at Britonside (sic); and in 1836 it was still Burnell and Son (1), grocers, but they had moved to Bilbury Street, and a William Burnell (the father or the son?), grocer, in Norley Street.

In 1831 Mr William Burnell was admitted as a Freeman of the Borough of Plymouth.

As William Burnell was a member of the How Street Baptist Chapel (sic), he was buried in the George Street Dissenting Burying Ground, Plymouth, on September 9th 1833.  He was stated to be 76 years of age.  His widow, Mrs Agnes Burnell, passed away in 1840.

  With acknowledgement to Mr Jon Burnell for information about Mr William Burnell's Will, March 2010.