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This is a representation of a map of Old Town Street according to
entries in Kelly's Directory of Devonshire for June 1889.
Properties were not necessarily opposite each other except on corners with other streets.



Here was Duke Street and Tavistock Road     Here was Clarence Street and Tavistock Place
    47 Robert Henry Dowdell, grocer
    48 Mrs Annie Crago, haberdasher
    49 Robert Cummings, oil merchant
    50 Thomas Heath, news vendor
Post Office (Money Order Office, Savings Bank),
Edwin Davis, postmaster,
and Mrs Elizabeth May Davis, baker
46 51 Mrs Mary Ann Hewett, butcher
Edward B Jasper, tailor 45 52 Ephraim Matthews, boot maker
William Legg, pork butcher 44 53 George Charles Thomas, fruiterer
Doherty and Company, tailors 43    
Mrs Susan and Mr John Parnall, saddlers 42   Here was Park Street
William Rowe, plumber 41    
Henry Holocombe Whipple, provision dealer 40 54 William Snow Spear, draper
William Browning and Sons, tailors 39 55 William Snow Spear, draper
Mrs M S Withycombe, Berlin wool warehouse 38    
Here was Caxton Ope --
Bernard de Mol, livery stables
 and Cove and Company, printers.
  56 Henry Luscombe, beer retailer and tobacconist
    57 Hugo Roth, jeweller
George Jacques and Son, chimney sweepers 37 57A Mrs Amanda Lobb, confectioner
Thomas Henry Cross,
 Bedford Wine and Spirit Vaults
36 58 George Treleaven, grocer
Mrs Eliza Boggia, carver 35 59 William Vosper Roseveare, boot & shoe manufacturer
Tuckett and Sons, confectioners 34 60 Joseph Henry Easlick, draper
    61 A Pearce and Company, confectioners
Here was Saltash Street   62 Ernest Kitts junior, clothier
    63 Hender and Sons, nurserymen *n2
Here was Drake Street   64 NL
    65 Miss Harriet Ellen Trewartha, fancy draper
Three Towns' Banking Company Limited,
 Thomas W How, manager
32 66 Edmund Keen, draper
William Steward and Company, seedsmen,
and Edwin Kelly, photographer
31 67 George Henry Goss, house decorator,
and Frederick Preston, hair dresser
Henry Preston, hair dresser 30 68 John Barge, chemist
James Nicholls Taylor, draper 29 69 William Chubb, tailor
Thomas Frayn, china dealer 28 70 William Stidston, confectioner
NL*n1 27 71 Samuel Medlen, jeweller
NL*n1 26 72 NL
NL*n1 25 73 Alfred Geach, tailor
Here was Old Town Avenue

Here was Ebrington Street
Jacob Best, ironmonger 24 74 Reginald James Bazley, stationer
Jacob Best, ironmonger 23 75 John Richard Randall, white ale ripening
Stidston and Company, drapers 22 76 James Hunt, wine, spirit and ale merchant
Stidston and Company, drapers 21 77 John Harvey Bailey, chemist
George Oliver, boot maker 20 78 NL
Alfred Maitland, furniture warehouse 19 79 Old  Four Castles Public House, William Best
Alfred Maitland, furniture warehouse 18 80 Plymouth and Penzance Bank,
Messrs Batten, Carne and Carne,
John Carne Barwis, manager
NL 17 81 Reed Brothers and Company,
wine, spirit and tea merchants
William Wood, Golden Lion Hotel 16 82 Samuel Gibbings, milliner
    83 Henry Ebenezer Prout, pianoforte dealer
Benjamin Butland, watch maker 15A 84 John Ford Selman, wine and spirit merchant
William Odam, hair dresser 15 85 James Chambers, baker
    86 Edward Fox, saw maker
B Newbery and Company, wholesale tea dealers,
Snell and Holman, solicitors,
James Alfred Pearce, solicitor
14 87 Mrs Emma Egerton, tobacconist
    88  NL
    89 Charles Avery junior, provision merchant
    90 William George Hodge, fruiterer
William Snow, grocer 13    
Mrs Susan Duggan, boot maker 12A   Here was Week Street
Sill and Company, tailors 12 91 George Roseveare, Rose and Crown Public House
S Hawkens and Son, ironmongers 11 92 Joseph Sleeman, Temperance Hotel
Rowse and Company, ironmonger 10 93 Channens and Company, tailors
Here was East Street

Here was Treville Street
Mrs Ellen Stanbury, Chubb's Hotel 9 94 Rundle, Rogers and Brook,
wholesale woollen merchants
Mrs Ellen Stanbury, Chubb's Hotel 8 95 as 94 plus Jabez Vivian Williams, chemist
    96 as 95.
Spooner and Company, general drapers 7 97 James Foot, tailor
    98 William Foale and Son, boot manufacturers
Ind, Coope and Company Limited, brewers,
and Mrs Celia Chubb, dress maker
6 99 Alfred Dyer, cutler
    100 George Eyre, cabinet maker
Mrs Eliza Reynolds, watch maker 5 101 Stephenson Brothers, ironmongers
    102 John Smith, general stationer
Spooner and Company, general drapers 4 103 Old Town Chambers - Butt, Vosper and Company,
woollen merchants, etc
Joseph Sidney Attwood, bookseller 3A 104 John Bond Body, auctioneer,
Devon and Cornwall Chamber of Agriculture
 (John Bond Body, secretary),
William Luscombe Munday, solicitor,
William Wills Rickeard, solicitor,
Montague Alton Bazeley, architect,
William C Adams, commercial traveller
Byrne and Company, tobacconists 3 105 Collier and Company, wine and spirit merchants
Philip Bernstein, jeweller 2 106 Balkwill and Company, pharmaceutical chemists;
Ambrose James Bidgway, Telegraph Public House 1 107 County Co-operative Drug Store


NL = Addresses not listed.  These were usually let on short-term tenancies and therefore not listed in street directories.

*n1 = These properties may have been demolished to make way for Old Town Avenue.

*n2 = Over the side doorway to number 63 Old Town Street was the plaque commemorating the site of Old Town Gate.


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