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Turnchapel Station at 2 miles 45 chains from Plymstock Station was opened by the London and South Western Railway Company on January 1st 1897.  Beyond it was the Turnchapel Wharf belonging to the Admiralty.

London and South Western Railway Company's steam railmotor
 number 2 at Turnchapel.
Historical Model Railway Society.

As from Wednesday March 1st 1905 a quarterly season ticket between Turnchapel Station and Friary Station cost 1 2 shillings (s) 6 pence (d) first class or 14 shillings third class.  There was no second class on this service.

The times of departures from Turnchapel Station in 1914 are given on the Turnchapel Departure Board.

Southern Railway Company's Class O2 number 207 at Turnchapel Station
with third-class carriage number 735, May 22nd 1935.
the late Mr H C Casserley.

On November 27th 1940 both Turnchapel Station and Turnchapel Signal Box were destroyed by fire during an enemy attack on the adjacent Admiralty oil storage depot.  The ensuing blaze was potentially disastrous and three firemen were killed trying to keep the oil tanks as cool as possible to avoid a catastrophic explosion.  The fire was not put out until December 1st 1940, leaving twisted metal in place of rails and signals.  However, the railways were not daunted by such experiences and by December 16th services were back to normal, supported by new temporary buildings which in fact remained until the line's closure.

From Monday May 5th 1941 until further notice passenger trains departed from Turnchapel Station for Friary Station at the following times: 5.55am; 6.33am; 7.03am; 7.42am; 8.29am; 9.03am; 11.03am; 12.28pm; 1.03pm; 1.39pm; 2.20pm; 4.35pm; 5.09pm; 5.52pm; 6.45pm; 7.50pm; 8.50pm; 9.22pm and 10.30pm.  The journey to Friary Station took ten minutes, with stops at Oreston Station, Plymstock Station, and Lucas Terrace Halt.  All trains were Third Class only.  There was no Sunday service. 

The Turnchapel Branch was temporarily closed to passenger traffic between January 1951 and July 2nd 1951 because of a national fuel crisis.

The last passenger train left Turnchapel Station at 10.45pm on Saturday September 8th 1951.

According to the "The Official Hand-book of Station 1956" Turnchapel Station, which included the Admiralty Wharves, dealt with goods traffic, parcels, and miscellaneous traffic.  It was not equipped with a crane.

The Turnchapel Branch was completely closed on and as from September 30th 1961.