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The Plymouth Mutual Co-operative and Industrial Society Limited began life in 1859 at number 14 Tin Street, Plymouth, the home of Mr Charles Goodanew (1814-1903).

On April 1st 1916 the name was shortened to the Plymouth Co-operative Society Limited.

Following the destruction of the Second World World many smaller co-operatives in Devon - the Cornwood and District Co-operative Society Limited; the Dartmouth Co-operative Society Limited; the Lee Moor Co-operative Society and the Plympton and District Co-operative Society - sought the advantages of amalgamation and they joined the Plymouth Co-operative Society Limited with the result that from April 1st 1969 it was renamed the Plymouth and South Devon Co-operative Society Limited.

Further smaller co-operatives from other parts of the South-West joined the Plymouth business and in 1999, after a refit, the name was changed yet again to the Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society Limited to reflect the enlargement and Co-operative House, the main office and outlet in Royal Parade, Plymouth, became Derry's Department Store, taking its name from the adjacent Derry's Cross Roundabout and ultimately from Derry's Clock.

During 2009 it was announced that the Plymouth and South West Co-operative Society Limited was to merge into the national Co-operative Group, based in Manchester.  At that time the Society had 168,000 registered members and operated 66 food stores, eleven Post Offices, three petrol stations and 30 funeral homes.  The chief executive offices was Mr Douglas Fletcher and the registered office was number 88 Royal Parade, Plymouth.  The transfer took place on September 9th 2009, when the Derry's Department Store, and the Co-operative Homemaker Stores at Exmouth, Kingsteignton, Launceston, and Plympton, were transferred to Messrs Vergo Retail Limited, of 4 Renshaw Street, Liverpool, Merseyside.  That Company went into administration on May 2nd 2010 and as the administrators failed to find a buy for Derry's it was closed on Saturday July 3rd 2010.

The food stores transferred to the Co-operative Group were al re-branded by December 2010.