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In 1874 local landowner and solicitor, Mr Cecil Edward Bewes, founded the Plympton Public School for boys and girls.

At first it was located in the Workman's Hall and just thirty pupils attended but within twelve months the number of boys and girls wishing to attend meant that a larger building was required.  Mr Bewes, who lived at nearby "Hillside", had a new School erected on his land at Geason's in 1876/77.  The School was enlarged in 1900 and could then accommodate 300 children.  The average attendance in 1914, when Mr Charles Henwood was the master, was 290 children.  Mr John Boulden MBE tells us in his book "Plympton's Past in Pictures" that at one time it was known as Geason's Junior School.

In 1924 the Plympton Public School was acquired by Devon Local Education Authority and was renamed the Plympton Senior School.  Unfortunately it could only take 229 children and there were 330 on the register.  On Saturday May 5th 1934 a brand new building to accommodate 360 children was officially opened.