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The Plympton Gazette was founded in 1895 but ceased publication in June 1912.

Plymptonians then had to rely on the Plymouth newspapers until Thursday April 14th 1921 when the Plympton District Times and South West Devon Advertiser first appeared.  It was only four pages printed in six, wide columns and cost one penny.  The title of the first edition was printed in gold.  The owner and publisher was Mr Francis Edward Tiffin, of 40 Connaught Avenue, Plymouth, but published at Fore Street, Ridgeway, Plympton, and at 58 Union Street, East Stonehouse.  The paper was printed by Messrs Whitfeld and Newman Limited, of 16 Saint Aubyn Street, Devonport.

The first "Birth Notice" to appear in the newspaper was its own: 'PLYMPTON - On April 14th at Ridgeway, the "Plympton District Times"'.  Also listed was the birth of a son to Mrs J T Jeffery, formerly Miss Annie Foster, of Underwood.  Advertising too up most of pages 1 and 2 but the latter also included the first editorial and the first "Parish Pump" feature.  The remaining two pages were taken up with reports of council, vestry and public meetings, and news from the outlying villages of Bittaford, Brixton, Cornwood, Elburton, Holbeton, Lee Moor and Yealmpton.

The last edition, issue number 317, appeared on April 28th 1927, after which the newspaper was renamed the "Plympton and South Devon Times and Ivybridge Gazette".

A continuous run of this newspaper exists at the British Library Newspaper Library.