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Miss Canney, whose Christian name was spelt in the unusual form of "Awdrey", was one of the first women appointed by the Plymouth Borough Watch Committee as police officers.  Because of her previous experience in a similar role during the Great War at His Majesty's Cordite Works, Gretna, in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland, she was appointed as Inspector.

Awdrey Josephine Canney was born in Holborn, London, on September 12th 1884.  She remained unmarried throughout her life.

She was appointed to the Plymouth Borough Police Force on June 18th 1919 and she and her only Woman Police Constable, Miss Isabel Frances Taylor (1885-1953), were introduced to the Plymouth Magistrates on June 30th 1919, before commencing their duties.

It is not as yet known when she retired but by 1939 she was living at 45 Mayfield Avenue in Southgate, London, and running a Haberdashery shop.  Living with her were Miss Grace E Canney, who was born on January 19th 1874, and Mr Rupert J Canney, born December 27th 1882.

She and her colleague were particularly useful at Fair times for giving advice to young females, preventing fights and sorting out disputes.  However, the only case uncovered so far in which she gave evidence was against a lad found kicking a football around in Flora Street on February 18th 1921.  He was fined one shilling.

Miss Awdrey Josephine Canney died at Amersham, Buckinghamshire, in 1955 at the age of 70 years.